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Resourcing the curriculum – The Spanish Conquest of the Americas

“When the Spanish reached the valley of Mexico in 1519, they were amazed at what they saw.” – Wood, Tim. The Aztecs. London: Hamlyn, 1992. Next semester we will begin to look at the Spanish Conquest of the Americas in … Continue reading

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Hop. Book. Chat. E02 has dropped.

Twice as long is twice as good, right? Our second episode, Adaptations are the New Vampires, is twelve minutes of pure auditory joy about books that have been, or are about to be, turned into movies. Steven Spielberg, Suzanne Collins, … Continue reading

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Q: What makes an excellent presentation?

A: Body language and visuals. If you have the time, watch this clip. Not just because Amy Cuddy is a terrific speaker and someone you can emulate but also for the message that your body language is critical to how … Continue reading

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A+ for research

With oral presentations coming up, you will need to be pretty dynamite at research in order to stand out from the crowd. I have chosen (…made up.., ok, stolen…) the topic: Young people should be allowed to drive younger. This … Continue reading

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