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Using PowerPoint as a lesson delivery tool

As part of the ICT PLT, Peter has been experimenting with PowerPoint as a lesson delivery tool. Why PowerPoint? PowerPoint is an excellent tool to use in the delivery of presentations to students as PPs can be created quickly and … Continue reading

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Teaching PowerPoint skills to students

As part of the ICT PLT Sheridyn has been working with PowerPoint and trying to improve the quality of her students’ presentations when using this tool. Her approach was to spend some time before the assignment where the students would be creating a … Continue reading

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Sharing documents

Our computer network allows us to share documents more easily than ever before. This is because of innovations on the web and also the way that documents are created using applications such as Word. If you are interested in creating documents for sharing, … Continue reading

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Gold Star PowerPoint

Teaching PowerPoint is not just about showing kids how to add a new slide and change the font size (although it is that too). We should be teaching some stylistic points so that our students don’t go out into the … Continue reading

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Tablet Kung Fu

At today’s PLT meeting we discussed a number of tools for use with the tablet PCs. In particular we discussed the snipping tool and problem solver, YouCam, writing on PowerPoint presentations and also the functions of the buttons on the … Continue reading

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Taking and Using ‘Screenshots’

A screenshot, also known as a screengrab or a screendump, is an image of the screen that you are looking at. This can be created as easily as pressing the Prt Sc key and then pasting (Ctrl+v) it into a word document. There … Continue reading

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Inserting Videos and Sound into PowerPoint Presentations

Videos: It is easy to insert a video into your PowerPoint presentation. Just follow the steps below. 1. Make sure your video is in one of the file formats that is acceptable to PowerPoint. For a list, click here. 2. … Continue reading

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