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Call of Duty: Black Ops on iCyberSafe

If you are interested in the content of the latest installment of Call of Duty, have a look at the iCyberSafe blog! They have posted a review of the game from Commonsense Media which describes, in some detail, the content … Continue reading

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IGS CyberSafety blog –

Ivanhoe Grammar School has been running a blog on CyberSafety for the last year or so that has developed into a terrific resource on the subject. looks at all sorts of issues relating to CyberSafety and computer use by students … Continue reading

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CyberSafety – Acceptable Usage Agreement

Regarding my earlier post about CyberSafety, the Electronic Services Acceptable Usage Agreement (ESAUA) is indeed on the S drive and is easily located in the Proformas folder (S:\Proformas\IT\Electronic Agreement Forms). It is worth familiarising yourself with this document as it covers ways that students … Continue reading

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This is a transcript of the CyberSafety presentation given at the staff meeting on 23/03/11: The school has, through the Wellbeing Committee and Life Skills program, developed a thorough and well thought out program on CyberSafety. This has been the … Continue reading

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