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Term Planners on eWS

Don’t forget you can write and submit your term planners through eWorkSpace! If you are having trouble working out how to do it, check out this post or come and talk to me about it directly.

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Creating Curriculum Maps in eWorkSpace

If you are looking for a whizzbang way to do your Curriculum Maps, do them in eWorkSpace. Why would I want to do that? By creating your Curriculum Map in eWorkSpace you have all the fields already worked out for you … Continue reading

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Sharing documents

Our computer network allows us to share documents more easily than ever before. This is because of innovations on the web and also the way that documents are created using applications such as Word. If you are interested in creating documents for sharing, … Continue reading

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A+ eWorkSpace

eWorkSpace has two areas that are accessible to our students and understanding where you (and they) should put things will dictate whether or not they will be available for use. The two areas are the subject area and the class area. When … Continue reading

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Setting homework tasks using eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area dedicated to homework tasks. This area allows you to set tasks, upload assignment sheets and prescribe due dates. Finding the Homework Tasks area You can get to the Homework Tasks area by clicking the link to … Continue reading

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Publishing resources in eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area for electronic resources to be shared with your classes. This area is called the Publication Area. The publication area can be used to publish assignments and revision sheets as well as sharing other types of files … Continue reading

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Messaging Parents in eWorkspace

I have updated the entry on Emailing parents using eWorkspace so that the information is current. If you notice any inaccuracies on this blog, please let me know either by putting a comment at the bottom or sending me an email and … Continue reading

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eWorkspace apps for the classroom

Our new eWorkspace has loads of applications that you can use in class with your students. From sharing resources to one to one communication, eWorkspace allows us to easily connect with our students in a closed environment. While there are many … Continue reading

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Sending messages to parents in eWorkspace

eWorkspace can be used to send messages to staff, students and parents. The following describes the steps involved in sending a message to all the parents of students in a particular class: The Parents By Class button is currently not … Continue reading

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