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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.

Britannica – My Britannica

My Britannica is the section of Britannica Online where you can keep your stuff. As a teacher, you can setup a My Britannica account and use it to plan lessons and collect materials (articles images and videos). Sign Up To … Continue reading

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Review: Freedom Ride

Sue Lawson’s Freedom Ride is good. Really good. Many have called for it to be included on school reading lists and it will be added to ours if I have anything to do with it. It is a terrific portrayal … Continue reading

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Hop. Book. Chat. E03 has been made

Our July episode is a hat tip to the worldbuilders – the creators, makers and dreamers. In Prythian is the New Vampires we look at the worlds in YA fiction that we would like to visit and what we would … Continue reading

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Coding – Project #3

This one is simple. This page has an activity where you can animate your name by following the steps. It pulls together backgrounds and animating sprites and covers some of the controls and looks that you may not have played … Continue reading

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Fundraising in schools

The library has recently purchased a copy of The most good you can do, a long overdue book about effective charity. The book delves into both the goal of the spending and the efficiency of recipient organisations in achieving this … Continue reading

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Reading conferences

“Reading conferences provide the most useful opportunities for formative assessment of students’ reading…” – Di Snowball, et al. Reading conferences are, as stated above, excellent. The students benefit measurably from the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from their teacher, get … Continue reading

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Coding – Project #2

We are working towards a project like Caesar Cipher on Scratch because it neatly explains how algorithms are used to make programs – but first we need a heap of other skills. Backgrounds are one of them. For today’s task, … Continue reading

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