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Fundraising in schools

The library has recently purchased a copy of The most good you can do, a long overdue book about effective charity. The book delves into both the goal of the spending and the efficiency of recipient organisations in achieving this … Continue reading

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Reading conferences

“Reading conferences provide the most useful opportunities for formative assessment of students’ reading…” – Di Snowball, et al. Reading conferences are, as stated above, excellent. The students benefit measurably from the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from their teacher, get … Continue reading

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Coding – Project #2

We are working towards a project like Caesar Cipher on Scratch because it neatly explains how algorithms are used to make programs – but first we need a heap of other skills. Backgrounds are one of them. For today’s task, … Continue reading

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Anywhere, anytime collaboration

Our Enrichment Coordinator has just set up a new blog to communicate with her TLT. The TLT meetings were being hamstrung by conflicting time pressures. The blog is an attempt to facilitate collaboration without needing to rely on all being … Continue reading

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Writing Research Assignments

Research assignments are very different to tests. Tests function to show what the students have learnt throughout a unit while research assignments are a learning experience in themselves. As a result, if you ask your students to recall what they … Continue reading

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Coding – Project #1

Coding is a fun and rewarding experience that can develop a deeper understanding of how the devices in your life work. Have a go at completing the following problem using Scratch. If you get stuck, go to the video tutorial … Continue reading

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