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Further inappropriate use of… BBQ – Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in running the BBQ yesterday. Well done, well run, well fed. Ta!

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Movie Maker update

The new version of Movie Maker (which many of our students will have at home) has done away with the Save Movie File option. Furthermore, files that are saved as projects are unfortunately not reverse compatible – they won’t work … Continue reading

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Free iPad apps from the DEECD iPads for Learning publication

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have put out a publication about iPad use in the classroom called iPads for Learning – Getting Started. The document (pictured above) is best viewed on an iPad due to its formatting. While … Continue reading

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Aitken College iPad basics

iPads are tablet computers that have captured this corner of the market. This post will look at the basics of iPads in relation to how they will be used at Aitken College. How do I get one – to try The best … Continue reading

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Importing data from an Excel markbook into Synergy

Importing data that you have entered into your markbook on Excel is easy. Just follow these steps: Preparing your spreadsheet In order for Synergy to recognise the student’s data, the first column of your spreadsheet needs to have the students’ … Continue reading

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Using ClickView

In order to use ClickView, you will need to get the IT guys to put the player on your pooter. For the trial we will have access to all the content available with ClickView – that is, their primary and … Continue reading

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ICT PLT posts

In order to share the work that we have been doing in our PLT group, we have put together a series of posts about the technologies that we have each been working with. These posts describe what we were using, … Continue reading

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Creating and sharing video presentations

As part of the ICT PLT Wendy has been working with videos and, in particular, attempting to use them as a collaborative alternative to in-class oral presentation. Why video? Wendy wanted an alternative to putting her students through 30 oral presentations. She … Continue reading

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Video purge

In line with fitting out all the classrooms at the school with data projectors and getting rid of VCRs, the library is redistributing our video collection. Representatives from many of the departments have already come and worked out which vids … Continue reading

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Using OneNote as a lesson organiser

As part of the ICT PLT, Kim has been experimenting with OneNote as an organiser and lesson delivery tool. Why OneNote? OneNote is so effective that many schools have integrated it into their classes at an institution level. A well put together OneNote document can … Continue reading

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