Importing data from an Excel markbook into Synergy

Importing data that you have entered into your markbook on Excel is easy. Just follow these steps:

Preparing your spreadsheet

In order for Synergy to recognise the student’s data, the first column of your spreadsheet needs to have the students’ IDs. To do this:

1. Open Synergy, go to student results maintenance, select the class, right-click on one of the students’ names and select ‘Export…to Excel’

2. This will create a new spreadsheet with all the students’ information in it. Highlight the first column with the numbers in it, right-click and select copy.

3. Open your markbook, highlight the first column from where the students’ names start (i.e. not the heading rows), and click insert from clipboard. Select ‘shift to the right’ in the dialogue box that opens up.

This will prepare your spreadsheet for importing data into Synergy.

Importing marks

To import marks from your markbook into Synergy,

1. In Excel, select the section that you wish to copy (just the part with the marks in it, no headings or names).

2. In Synergy, right-click on the top of the column where you want the marks to go, select ‘Import from highlighted…’ and Synergy will import the selected information from your markbook.

Once you have done this it is worth doing a quick check to make sure that it has put the right marks in the correct places.

If you have any trouble with this, just ask me or SAC.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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