Using ClickView

In order to use ClickView, you will need to get the IT guys to put the player on your pooter. For the trial we will have access to all the content available with ClickView – that is, their primary and secondary collections as well as the stuff from Channel 4 and, of course, the exchange.

The exchange?

The exchange is the collection of videos that have been recorded from free-to-air and pay tv and added to the ClickView exchange. It has loads of stuff on it. Check out what’s there here.

How do I get that stuff?

To show programs that are on the exchange you will need to put in a request to our administrator. Once you have done that, she will download it from their server onto ours and then it is good to go. Here that is step-by-step:

1. Search for a resource on the exchange.

2. Click the request button (pictured below).

3. In the box pictured below, put in your name, your email address and the email address of the school’s administrator: clickview@aitken(remove this)

4. Click send.

This will send a request to Silvia to download the program onto our server so you can stream it over the network.

Playing the program

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will need to get the player installed on your computer before you can use ClickView.

Once you have the player, simply open it up, select the folder (if you have requested it, it will be in the ‘Silvia’ folder until we get it properly set up) and click the ‘Play Video’ button (pictured).



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