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Setting homework tasks using eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area dedicated to homework tasks. This area allows you to set tasks, upload assignment sheets and prescribe due dates. Finding the Homework Tasks area You can get to the Homework Tasks area by clicking the link to … Continue reading

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Publishing resources in eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area for electronic resources to be shared with your classes. This area is called the Publication Area. The publication area can be used to publish assignments and revision sheets as well as sharing other types of files … Continue reading

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Data Projector Troubleshooting

The data projectors (hereafter referred to as dps) have proved to be pretty user-friendly but, as we are using them more and more, some funny little problems are popping up. I have divided these into two categories below: sound and vision. … Continue reading

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Messaging Parents in eWorkspace

I have updated the entry on Emailing parents using eWorkspace so that the information is current. If you notice any inaccuracies on this blog, please let me know either by putting a comment at the bottom or sending me an email and … Continue reading

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Opening attachments from emails

This may be a temporary problem as we are talking about changing our whole email system for the students but… We have had a number of students in the library lately having trouble opening attachments from their emails. The reason for … Continue reading

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Creating Video

Windows Movie Maker is really easy to use as long as you have video already in a format that it accepts. For a list of these click here. The easiest way to create a video in one of these formats … Continue reading

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Make a movie using Movie Maker

In earlier posts I have discussed creating video content and uploading it to the web, now it’s time to look at how to make it watchable. Computers in the school have a program on them called Movie Maker. This is … Continue reading

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Gold Star PowerPoint

Teaching PowerPoint is not just about showing kids how to add a new slide and change the font size (although it is that too). We should be teaching some stylistic points so that our students don’t go out into the … Continue reading

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Some organisations have gone into podcasting in a big way. Podcasts allow you to create audio content which is then accessible to your audience wherever and whenever. This has obvious advantages for revision and also presents an interesting alternative to … Continue reading

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Adding links to the Online Learning pages

The ‘Adding Learning Objects from…‘ post isn’t clear enough about how to edit your online learning pages, so here are some more comprehensive steps. At the bottom of this document is the location of the How To stuff on the … Continue reading

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