Make a movie using Movie Maker

In earlier posts I have discussed creating video content and uploading it to the web, now it’s time to look at how to make it watchable.

Computers in the school have a program on them called Movie Maker. This is a very basic program for editing video and can be used to integrate video, still images (photos), music and other audio.

The Interface

The key to using Movie Maker effectively is to become accustomed to the interface. If you learn best by watching someone do it, here is a video of someone doing just that.

1. This pane allows you to import video, pictures and audio. Once you have imported it, it will appear in the ‘Collections’ pane.

2. This is where all the elements that will become your film are stored before they are edited in the next section (3) or added to the timeline.

3. This is where you can watch or listen to media and edit it into the pieces that will make up your video. The buttons from left to right go: play, stop, jump back a bit, previous frame, next frame, advance a bit, split and capture image.

4. Once you have got all the bits ready, just drag them into this area to add them to your movie. You can add video to the video row to show the sound and vision from a piece of video. You can also drop a video into the audio row if you just want the sound from it. Drag photos into the video row to show an image and select and drag the ends of it to dictate how long it will appear on the screen. Add music and other audio by dragging it into the audio row. Effects can be added to elements of your video by right clicking it and selecting Video Effects, selecting the effect, clicking add then ok.

Creating a video

Here is how I went about creating this video in just four steps (!):

1. I created a little script and storyboard of what I wanted to do.

2. I filmed the footage that I was going to use all in one shot.

3. I imported the video using the Import Video link in pane 1.

4. I used pane 3 to split the video into its various parts (me talking, the part where I want you to hear my voice but not see me, etc.).

4.a. I dragged the intro onto the video part of the timeline.

4.b. I dragged the next bit where I still wanted you to hear and see me onto the video timeline.

4.c. I dragged the next bit where I wanted you to hear me but see pictures onto the audio part of the timeline.

4.d. I went and found images on the net, saved them on my W:, imported them using the link in pane 1 and then dragged them onto the video part of the timeline resizing them so that they coincided with the audio.

4.e. I dragged the talking bit before the slow-mo shot into the video part of the timeline.

4.f. I dragged the slow-mo shot onto the video timeline, split the audio track so that it was just the opening of the song, dragged that to the audio part of the timeline.

4.g. I added the video effects to the bits that needed them (right-click>Video Effects> select effect> Add> Ok).

4.h. I saved the whole thing as a project (File> Save Project As) just in case I want to work on it again and then saved it as a video (File> Save Movie File) to get the file that I could upload to YouTube.



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