Britannica – My Britannica

My Britannica is the section of Britannica Online where you can keep your stuff. As a teacher, you can setup a My Britannica account and use it to plan lessons and collect materials (articles images and videos).


Sign Up

To create a teacher account and access My Britannica:

  1. Go to Simon, scroll to the bottom of the School Links window on the left-hand side of the page and click the Encyclopaedia Britannica link under the Library heading
  2. Click the tiny My Britannica link at the top right of the Britannica launch page (or any of Britannica’s other pages)
  3. Enter a username and password (I used my T/O and network password), email address and school code

NB: I will be writing the school code on the whiteboard at the PD. If you are not attending the session, please get in contact for the code.

Britannica have put together a document outlining these steps with screenshots that can be found here.

What now?

Now that you have an account you can start using the features of My Britannica. More information on the features below is located in this training manual (from page 3 onwards).

Basically, whenever you find a resource that you want to save, click the star on the toolbar at the top right-hand side. This will store the article in your content (My Content at the top right of the page).

You can also create resource packs so that a number of resources are saved together. To do this, type the name of the pack in the field that pops up when you click favourite. Alternatively you can create a resource pack from the My Content page by clicking the green Create a new resource pack! button on the left-hand side under your username.

You can turn your saved resources and resource packs into lesson plans by clicking the Convert to a Lesson Plan button in the My Content screen. This allows you to describe the lesson, its goals and procedures and align it to curriculum standards.

Lesson plans can be shared, browsed and adapted so it is worthwhile having a look for your topic before you start as some of the work may have already been done for you.


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