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Importing data from an Excel markbook into Synergy

Importing data that you have entered into your markbook on Excel is easy. Just follow these steps: Preparing your spreadsheet In order for Synergy to recognise the student’s data, the first column of your spreadsheet needs to have the students’ … Continue reading

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Yet more Excel stuff

…and I have added a new section to the top of the post ‘How to basically function using Excel‘ on how to get Excel to show those leading zeros that disappear from the front of student numbers and so on.

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New Excel Stuff

I have just updated the post ‘Pure Excel-lence‘ to include more clear instructions for shading every other column (sorry about my impatience at the PD last week) and a whole new section on changing the direction of the text within … Continue reading

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How to basically function using Excel

Excel has a range of functions that can be used in your spreadsheet to manipulate your data. Some of the simple things you might like to do are to work out the sum of a column, the highest and lowest … Continue reading

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Pure Excel-lence

In order to create spreadsheets in Excel it helps to know a few basic functions. These include merging cells, inserting data, formatting columns and rows and using borders and shading to easily identify groups of data. To begin with, it helps to … Continue reading

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Creating a markbook using Excel

Excel provides you with the opportunity to enter your marks into a spreadsheet that will then calculate the percentages and determine grades. This can be imported into Synergy making report writing quicker and easier. By far the easiest way to … Continue reading

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