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Conducting research online

Whether it is in the primary or secondary classroom, conducting a successful research activity for our students depends on the way that we manage the various elements of research in our classes. This begins by creating tasks that are open-ended, introducing … Continue reading

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Sharing Links – Sqworl

Sharing links with our students can be a real challenge. You can shorten long URLs using sites like bitly and TinyURL, if you have a class blog you can put your links on there (eWS allows you to put URLs in the … Continue reading

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YouTube: AitkenOnline

Aitken College on YouTube Aitken College has a YouTube channel!!! How do I get there? To access the channel, go to the following URL: Contributing to the channel If you have anything that you would like me to publish … Continue reading

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Creating Curriculum Maps in eWorkSpace

If you are looking for a whizzbang way to do your Curriculum Maps, do them in eWorkSpace. Why would I want to do that? By creating your Curriculum Map in eWorkSpace you have all the fields already worked out for you … Continue reading

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Sharing documents

Our computer network allows us to share documents more easily than ever before. This is because of innovations on the web and also the way that documents are created using applications such as Word. If you are interested in creating documents for sharing, … Continue reading

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Online Whiteboards

An Online Whiteboard can be used as a collaborative space for your class. By accessing the whiteboard using a desktop or notebook, students and their teacher can create and work on this shared document in the whiteboard format. Once you … Continue reading

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Staff ICT Check-up Sign Up Sheet

Sign up for your ICT check up without leaving your office! Just click this link, check your timetable, put your name next to the time that you want and hit save.

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Yet more Excel stuff

…and I have added a new section to the top of the post ‘How to basically function using Excel‘ on how to get Excel to show those leading zeros that disappear from the front of student numbers and so on.

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New Excel Stuff

I have just updated the post ‘Pure Excel-lence‘ to include more clear instructions for shading every other column (sorry about my impatience at the PD last week) and a whole new section on changing the direction of the text within … Continue reading

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Scootle is the web portal for accessing ‘Learning Objects’ from the Learning Federation. You can browse these objects here: What is a Learning Object? Learning Objects are photos, films, games and websites that relate to areas of study. If … Continue reading

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