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Sharing links with our students can be a real challenge. You can shorten long URLs using sites like bitly and TinyURL, if you have a class blog you can put your links on there (eWS allows you to put URLs in the Publication Area too!) or if your students are familiar with using your Delicious account you can put them there. Teaching Generation Now blog has just shared another way to deal with this problem – Sqworl.

What does it do?

Sqworl allows you to share multiple URLs (called ‘groups’) with one link. These groups can be easily organised around a topic so you can give your students one link that directs them to the Sqworl page where you have all of the resources you have gathered on that topic. TGN shares this example (pictured above) of a collection of typing practice sites for primary students.

How do I use it?

TGN have put up really detailed instructions for how to create an account (it’s free!) and use Sqworl here.

How impressed? This impressed…

I have created a Sqworl that gathers all the links referred to in this post here.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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1 Response to Sharing Links – Sqworl

  1. I just got this email from Joyce:

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for your latest post, another way of sharing url’s is also via eWorkspace publications area. This way students only have to access one area to access class resources. Just a thought


    Thanks Joyce, I have added that to the opening paragraph!

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