Setting homework tasks using eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area dedicated to homework tasks. This area allows you to set tasks, upload assignment sheets and prescribe due dates.

Finding the Homework Tasks area

You can get to the Homework Tasks area by clicking the link to the class in the ‘Classes’, then clicking the Homework Tasks link (pictured below).

Setting a homework task

To add a task for your students to complete, follow these instructions:

1. Login to eWorkspace.

2. Select the class by clicking that class’s link in the ‘Class’ tab.

3. Click on the Homework Tasks link (pictured above).

4. Click the ‘Add New HomeWork Task’ button – this will open a new window.

5. Name the task, set a start and due date, add directions as to how to complete it in the text field, click the ‘Save HomeWork Details’ button. Handouts can be added following the steps below.

It will now appear in that class’s homework tasks area for you and the students.

Attaching a file to a homework task

Assignment sheets and other documents can be shared with students using the Publication Area in eWorkspace. They can also be added directly to the task by following these steps.

1. In the homework task’s window, click the Document Manager button (pictured below) – this will open a new window.

2. In the Document Manager window, click the ‘Upload’ button (pictured below) – this will open a new window.

3. In the Upload Window, browse for files to attach by clicking the ‘Select’ button. Once you have found the right file, click ‘Upload’.

4. Back in the Download Manager window, make sure the file is selected (it will be highlighted in orange) and click ‘Insert’.



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