Publishing resources in eWorkspace

eWorkspace has an area for electronic resources to be shared with your classes. This area is called the Publication Area. The publication area can be used to publish assignments and revision sheets as well as sharing other types of files to support your units. Adding resources to the publication area is easy by following the steps below.

Remember: if you want something to be available to everyone enrolled in a class and still be available the following year, put it in the subject area. For instructions on how to do this, see this post.

Finding the Publication Area

1. Login to eWorkspace.

2. Choose the class for whom you want to publish the resource by clicking the link in the classes area of the home screen.

2a. Click the Subject Home button to go to the subject page rather than the class page (7 English rather than 7REng) if you want all the classes to have access to it or you still want to use it in future.

3. Go to the Publication Area.

Once you are in the Publications Area you can publish resources for any class (including those that you don’t teach) by clicking the ‘Select/Change Publication Area button.

When you have found the Publication Area there are two tasks that you can execute, creating a sub folder or publishing a resource.

Creating a sub folder

Some of the subject areas haven’t been completely set up yet. In order to create a sub-folder you will need a parent folder. These have to be created by department heads or SAC. If you need one to be set up, get in touch with one of them. Once you have the structure there:

1. Click the parent folder (the one you want the sub-folder to be in) which will turn yellow.

2. A new section will appear below it with a link labelled ‘Add a sub Folder in (parent folder’s name)’

3. Click this link and a pop-up window will appear where you can name and describe the new folder.

Publishing a resource

Not all folders can be added to by everybody. I only have access to the second tier of folders where I can create sub folders and publish resources. You may need to get in touch with SAC or your dept head before you can publish resources. Once you have done so, the publish resource link is next to the sub folders link. Clicking this link will put the resource into the folder that you have selected.

1. Click the ‘Publish Resource’ link.

2. This will open a pop-up where you can browse for your file, name it and describe it.

3. Click ‘Publish Resource’.

As a final note, don’t leave anything to chance. If you can get a student to try to open it before you absolutely need it in order for your class to go ahead, it might save your class from not being able to go ahead. Yeah.


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