Free iPad apps from the DEECD iPads for Learning publication

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have put out a publication about iPad use in the classroom called iPads for Learning – Getting Started.

The document (pictured above) is best viewed on an iPad due to its formatting.

While there is a lot covered within it, possibly the best part is the list of apps that it recommends, describes and then provides lesson plan ideas for. The list contains both free and paid apps but here is a list of just the free ones if you want to try them out:


None of the organisation apps are free – all three cost $5.59 each.


Both iDraft and Idea Sketch are free.


Caster Free, Puppet Pals and PhotoPad by Zagg.


Groove Maker, Beatwave, RJ Voyager, Draw Free and Draw.


Quick Graph, Pocket CAS, Graphbook, Jumbo Calculator and Polldaddy.


iBooks (comes with it, I think) and Dictionary (from


Planets, SPARKvue, Brain Pop, Google Earth and Molecules.


History Maps, Wikipanion and Wikihood.


ABC for iPad, BBC News, Getty Images, Reuters News Pro, Guardian: Eyewitness and AP: Associated Press.

More information

If you want to know more about what these apps do or how to use them in your classes, check out the original document here.


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