Wiki privacy

I just got the following email from Laura H:

Hi All,

One of my kids Googled her name last week and found a link to one of my Wiki pages where she had posted the draft of her debating speech. In the speech it said “my name is…I am from Aitken College…” That quoted info was coming up on Google.

I contacted Wiki Support to have the link removed from Google and they’re onto it. In the meantime though, they sent me through the following instructions to make sure that my Wiki content won’t appear in search engines again:

1)      Go to your Wiki and select “manage wiki”

2)      Select Wiki Info

3)      Scroll down the page and uncheck ‘allow search engines to index my wiki’ then press ‘save’.

Thought you guys might find the instructions helpful too.

It is important that we remind our students that they should not be publishing their own names online as part of their school work and we should also follow these instructions so that this information is not coming up in Google searches.

Thanks Laura!


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