Teaching Kahootz

Kahootz is a great program for creating animations simply. Once you get the hang of the different tabs it is very easy to use the preset objects and their movements to tell stories.

In order to develop these skills, the makers of Kahootz have put together a series of lessons, each aimed at teaching a different skill. You will find these lessons here.

Each lesson has a PDF that takes you step-by-step through the lesson. They have also included a completed ‘expression’ based on the lesson that can be downloaded and played.

We have a site licence and Kahootz is loaded onto most of the computers in the College. Our students experience Kahootz in Year 5 as part of the Primary IT program and in Year 6 in the ICT curriculum. Many of our students in the secondary years, however, will not have experienced Kahootz and will need to be taught it from scratch if you want to use it in the classroom.


About timthelibrarian

Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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