Aitken College on YouTube

Aitken College has made its official YouTube debut!

Thanks to Joyce and Michael and their students for sending through these video.

Joyce’s kids take us on a tour of the Melbourne Zoo in Indonesian. The students did everything here from writing the script to taking the photos!

Michael’s students took their inspiration from silent movies in creating this clever little film about a rustling plot gone awry.

If you have any videos that the kids have created (without borrowing photos or music from the web) please forward them on to me and I’ll publish them to the world.

And, while we’re on the subject of YouTube, check out this amazing vid of this toddler trying to use gesture controls, learnt from her iPad use, on a magazine. The. Future. Is. Now.


About timthelibrarian

Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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