We’ve got tablets!

According to the rather overblown promotion video, the Intuos 4 is how humanity comes to life. At least I think that is what it says in amongst all the quick edits, bright lights, fancy graphics and the dance music that the kids love these days.

The library has 8 of these things kicking around if you want to try one out. It is like a giant touch pad that uses a stylus (pen) to control the cursor so that you can write, draw, highlight and point. Here’s how to use one:

Setting it up

The pad has a battery that needs charging before it will work. To charge it, simply plug the USB end of the cable into the USB hole on your PC and plug the other end into your tablet in the mini USB hole that is located between the on/off slider and the bluetooth button (these will be important later).

While it is charging, put the installation disk into your PC and run the installer. This doesn’t take long and doesn’t require you to make any difficult decisions aside from whether you are a lefty or a righty. After intalling the software, you can start using your tablet by sliding the on/off slider to on (the switch should be red on the right-hand side). This will prompt Windows to think for a while and do something or other and then you are good to go. Try moving the pen around the tablets drawing surface, if the cursor moves on your screen, victory!

What now?

The tablet can be used with all sorts of programs from Paint.NET (which may or may not have appeared on my desktop after installing the Intuos software) to Photoshop to the Snipping Tool built in to Windows 7. It is also great for turning your data projector into a Claytons interactive whiteboard.

There is information on using the tablet on the installation disk which should give you a pretty good idea of how to use it to its full potential. And if your PC has bluetooth, you can connect the tablet wirelessly and then use your tablet while you are wandering around the room(!).

Here’s something I did all by myself:

Pleased with that.

And here is an example of what can be achieved with experience and ability.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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