Get excited

Natasha of Book Bonding has come and gone and left trail of books in her wake. She has passed her practiced eye over the collection and made sure that we have all of all of the books in each of the series that we are currently collecting. She has also given us some advice on the books that are running out of her store in the Young Adult section and some sneaky suggestions of books that are bound to be big.

Box of new goodies

Take a peak into one of our boxes of goodies. We have the sixth book in the increasingly inappropriately named Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. This one has been written by Eoin Colfer because Douglas Adams had the cheek to die part way through writing the series. You might also notice a slew of new Bourne books if you are into crime and have moved on from Tintin (we also have a load of Tintin books on the shelf if you want to regress). There are some shiny new copies of Paul Jennings’ Un… series. And, best of all, we have a new copy on Melina Marchetta’s Finnikin of the Rock. It is the first book in the unexpectedly fantastic Lumateran Chronicles which is fast becoming a fantasy must-read on par with the Obernewtyn Chronicles. I have started reading this series and don’t really care what happens in the real world anymore aside from how Marchetta is coming along with the next book.

If any of these books take your fancy, come and hassle Julie about getting it catalogued and processed – she loves that. And please share your enthusiasm about these with your students, it would be great to get a buzz going about all of these exciting new acquisitions.


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