Collaborative Learning Structures

Collaborative Structures‘ has now been added to our OPAC with the cataloguing of this resource prepared by Alice Macpherson at Kwantlen University College.

I have no idea why this is freely available on the internet (and it may not stay that way so get in quick!) but at the moment you can access it by clicking the Link hyperlink (highlighted below) straight from our catalogue:



The structures are organised by their purpose – those that are best used for synthesis and evaluation are listed under ‘Group Activities for Synthesis and Evaluation’, for example. Each structure helpfully contains details about its objective, process and success criteria. Page 192 (confusingly labelled p.203 in the PDF) also has links to other resources which might be worthwhile.

If you are having trouble accessing the document, try refreshing the page. For some reason I get this message every other time I try to load it but that might just be a Chrome thing:


If you find any other resources that you think would support our collection, please let me know.


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