Creating a simple MindMap using Inspiration

Inspiration can be used to create mindmaps that allow students to brainstorm ideas and create plans for assessment tasks. The mindmaps that it creates can show ideas in different colours or shapes and include images. To create a mindmap, follow the steps below.

1. Define the main idea by writing it in the central bubble.

2. Turn on Rapid Fire (the lightning bolt button on the top row labelled 1 in the diagram below) and create your second tier of bubbles – these will be your subheadings. Alternatively, you can create new bubbles using the create button (2).

3. Choose one of these ideas to expand upon. Format it using the tools along the bottom of the screen (font = 3, font size = 4, bold, italics underline = 5, font colour = 6, fill colour and line colour = 7) and then select Set Default in the tT menu (8).*


4. Turn on Rapid Fire again and work on that idea. Continue until all the ideas are complete.

5. To inset an image, simply copy and paste it from its destination or right-click on the desired location, choose insert graphic and select the image from your drives. Images should be free from animation.

* The tT button allows you to create bubbles that are formatted in the same manner as another selected bubble. Set Default allows you to set the characteristics of bubbles that will be created in future while Apply Default turns the selected bubble into the formatting that has been previously set.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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