Downloading Youtube videos for use in the classroom


There are a range of sites that allow you to download videos from YouTube. Below are step-by-step instructions to doing so with Zamzar and a brief rundown of the copyright issues involved.

1. Find the clip that you want to download on YouTube.

2. Copy the URL.

3. Go to

4. Choose the Download Videos tab and follow the steps:

  • Paste the URL into the field in Step 1.
  • Choose the format that you want your video to be in.*
  • Put in your email address – this is where they will send the link to the page where you will download the video.
  • Click Convert.

5. Zamzar will download and convert the file and send you and email once it is finished.

6. Follow the link from the email and click on the Download Now button – this will open up a dialogue box where you can select where you want it to be put (if you intend to use it in a PowerPoint presentation, save it in the same folder as the presentation).

* The file that you want will depend on how you want to play your video. If you are putting it into a PowerPoint presentation you will find a list of acceptable formats here.


The Australian Copyright Council ( says that it is ok to download a video from YouTube as long as:

  • You cannot get it elsewhere.
  • You have not agreed to the Ts and Cs on the YouTube website (i.e. created an account).

There is a bit more to it so if you want to see what they have to say about it in their own words, click here.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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