Adding a Learning Object from Scootle to your Online Learning Page

Any learning object can be added to your online learning pages from Scootle in just a few simple steps.

Downloading the Object

1. Find the object that you want to add to your page on Scootle (‘Man, I was totally looking for something on shapes and when I deselected all year levels, selected grades 3-4 and then put mathematics in the drop-down menu in the subject field on the left-hand side, it was the first thing that came up!).

2. Click the link to the object and then click Download on the right-hand side – it will ask you to login here.

3. Unzip the file – by creating a new folder with the same name it will automatically put it there.

4. Put this folder into the appropriate folder in the K drive. Now you are ready to link to this object on your online learning page.

Updating your Online Learning Page

5. Find the page that you want to add the object to using Windows Explorer (it will be an HTML Document, not a folder).

6. Right click the file and go to Open With>Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. This will open the page and allow you to edit it.

7. Create some text or an image from which you desire the object to be linked.

8. Select the text or image and then edit the Link field at the bottom of the page by clicking the folder at the end of it. This will allow you to browse and select the file that opens the object (labelled ‘Index’).

9. Save the page, open it in your browser and test it out then let me know and I will update the page on the server.

There are more comprehensive instructions on the S drive at: S:\Professional Learning Resources\WebPage Design


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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