Delicious Style Guide

Faculties can help staff to manage online resources by setting up a faculty page at Delicious. Delicious is a place where individuals and groups can store bookmarks online. It is great for sharing resources and keeping track of sites if you use multiple computers. By maintaining a faculty page, teachers and students will be able to store, share and find resources easily wherever they are.

The main way that resources are categorised is by tagging. Tagging allows us to see all the resources that share a tag by clicking on that tag, searching for it in the search box or adding it to the URL.

In order to maintain consistency in our tagging, I suggest that we follow this style guide. The guide will help you tag items so that they can be retrieved quickly by yourself and understood by others.

N.B. Tags must be one word or else delicious will separate them into two tags. If you want a space, use_underscore, otherwisejustrunthewordstogether.

1. The first tag should relate to the year level and subject being taught (i.e. Year12_Chemistry).

This allows a student to see all the resources that a teacher has found for their year level and subject. If you separate these tags they will either be able to see all the resources relating to Year 12 irrespective of topic or all the resources relating to Chemistry irrespective of year level.

2. The second and following tags name the topic give specific information on the resource (i.e. Electrochemistry, Animation).

Teachers and students will be able to browse these in the list of tags on the right-hand side of the screen, add the tag to the URL (i.e. or search for the tag in the search box.

If you want to see what a delicious page looks like, check out mine at: – I wish I had been more consistent with my tags…

Please let me know about your success and failures using Delicious!


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