Clickview Update

I have been peddling some false information about ClickView and wanted to take this chance to clear the air. I wrongly told you that we need access to the ClickView Digital Video Library in order to get any of ClickViews services. Actually, by subscribing to ClickView alone we have access to the ClickView Exchange. This means that we don’t have to get the Digital Video Library but we will still have access to all the content that has been shown on free-to-air television. The post below outlines what ClickView is and how it will operate in the school.

The Exchange

The ClickView Exchange is an online archive of video resources that have been broadcast on free-to-air television, recorded and then added to the Exchange. By subscribing to ClickView we will be able to access videos on the Exchange across the network by request.

Requesting Videos

If you find a video on the Exchange that you would like to show your class, you will be able to click a button from the Exchange page to request our ClickView Manager, Silvia, to download the program onto our server so that you can show it across the network to your class.

Requesting programs that aren’t on the Exchange

The Exchange is maintained by schools who are recording individual programs using a capture card and also some schools who are recording all free-to-air TV for the previous 30 days. In this way, some schools may have recorded the program that you want but haven’t added it to the Exchange. Through various channels, we can request these schools to add shows that aren’t already on the Exchange to it. Obviously, the closer to the time the show has been aired on television, the more likely we will be to be able to get it.

Requesting shows that haven’t yet aired

Aitken College will have a capture card of our own. This means that we will be able to record programs ourselves and put them on our server to that they can be shown over the network.

To do this, put in a request with Silvia and she will record the program for you. Similarly, if you give her plenty of notice you will be more likely to get your show as we will only be able to record one channel at one time. If there are two requests for the same time, the second one will have to rely on the video being added to the Exchange.

ClickView’s other functions

ClickView has the facility to show particular parts of a show, attach worksheets to a program, view shows over the web and edit clips for your students to watch. On top of this, students will be able to watch different things at the same time in your classroom allowing you to tailor lessons to individuals.

We will be getting a more complete view of the possibilities of ClickView when our trial starts mid-November. If you have any questions about it, please post them below.


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