Inappropriate self-serving post about summer camp…

Forgive me for misusing the voice that I have been given (especially since the staff day when everyone on staff had to sign up for emails – thanks Kerri!) but I am volunteering as a leader at a summer camp this year and want to spruik it.

If you have kids aged 12-17 whom you think would enjoy 10 days in the Gippsland Lakes over summer, consider sending them to Camp Icthus. I have been involved with the camp since I was a camper myself in high school and now I help to organise and run them. The organisation is not-for-profit and all the other leaders and organisers, like myself, are volunteers.

The camp is located on a beautiful site on the Banksia Peninsula which juts out into Lake Victoria. When we are in camp, we start each day with a swim and have organised games and activities. A fair bit of the camp though is spent out on ‘overnighters’ when we go bushwalking in the Mitchel River National Park, sailing across the lakes or canoeing on the Tambo and other local rivers. For more of an insight into the fun that we have, check out the photo gallery from last year’s camp.

Junior Camp (12-14 years old) runs from the 15 to the 24th of January and Senior Camp (15-17yo) goes from the 3rd to the 12th of January.

If you have kids in this age group or know someone who does, visit



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2 Responses to Inappropriate self-serving post about summer camp…

  1. Su Johnston says:

    The Camp Icthus website is not available at present – has anyone checked this??

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