Rudie Nudie | Review | CBCA Shortlist 2012

To get a good relationship between text and illustrations they don’t have to be done by the same person but it helps. Emma Quay has done a great of of capturing the bathtime to bedtime ritual in a way that is joyful and lyrical.

The writing in Rudie nudie is sparing and the illustrations are simple. The abcb rhyming scheme provides an excellent build-up – the seemingly unrelated first three lines are all tied up by the fourth. The irregular cadance throughout the story further adds to this giving the poem a level of frivolity accentuated by the onomatopoeic language. We see, read and feel the bath, the bubbles, the air on our skin and the mat under our feet.

All of this, of course, ignores the real point of the book – how fun it is to run around naked after a bath especially while the glow that the hot water has imparted to us radiates from within. We see the children enjoying the visceral pleasures offered by various surfaces and textures around the house and then brave the backyard before they are called in to get tucked in to bed. I am sure that one very big selling point of this book is how much parents and other hangers-on, such as librarians, who read these books just want to do what the kids are doing.


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