The story so far – CBCA Shortlist 2012

For the past few months I have been reviewing books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia for their Book of the Year award. The award goes to the best book in the Older Readers, Younger Readers, Picture Book and Early Childhood categories (and the Eve Parnell award for non-fiction that I haven’t looked at).

Books shortlisted for the Older Readers category are suitable for mature readers who are usually in middle to upper secondary school. Books in the Younger Readers should suit upper primary to lower secondary students who can read independently. The Picture Book category contains books that may be appropriate for any age (but not necessarily appropriate for all ages) from birth to 18. Finally, the Early Childhood category covers books for kids who are pre-reading or have just started reading.

CBCA Victorian Judge - Michelle Prawer

CBCA Victorian Judge Michelle Prawer talking at St Mary’s Primary School, Hamilton.

The shortlist and winners are chosen on literary merit by a panel of judges who have to be financially disinterested yet knowledgable about children’s literature and have a lot of free time (they don’t get paid and they read between 350-400 books per year for the two years that they are judges). They are heroes. I saw the Victorian judge – Michelle Prawer – speak recently and she is not only all of the things above, but also an amazing presenter. Here are the books…

Older Readers

A straight line to my heart (review) – Bill Condon

Ishmael and the hoops of steel (review) – Michael Gerard Bauer

Ship kings: the coming of the whirlpool (review) – Andrew McGahan

The dead I know (review) – Scot Gardner

The golden day (review) – Ursula Dubosarsky

When we were two (review) – Robert Newton

Younger Readers

Brotherband: the outcasts (review) – John Flanagan

Bungawitta (review) – Emily Rodda (ill. Craig Smith)

Crow country (review) – Kate Constable

Nanberry: black brother white  (review) – Jackie French

The golden door (review) – Emily Rodda

The truth about Verity Sparks (review) – Susan Green

Picture Books

A bus called heaven (review) – Bob Graham

Flood (review) – Jackie French (ill. Bruce Whatley)

For all creatures (review) – Glenda Millard (ill. Rebecca Cool)

Look, a book (review) – Libby Gleeson (ill. Freya Blackwood)

No Bears (review) – Meg McKinley (ill. Leila Rudge)

The dream of the thylacine – Margaret Wild (ill. Ron Brooks)

Early Childhood

Come down, cat! (review) – Sonia Hartnett (ill. Lucia Masciullo)

No Bears (review)- Meg McKinley (ill. Leila Rudge)

Rudie Nudie (review)- Emma Quay

That’s not a daffodil! – Elizabeth Honey

The last Viking (review) – Norman Jorgensen (ill. James Foley)

The runaway hug (review)- Nick Bland (ill. Freya Blackwood)


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