For All Creatures | Review | CBCA BotY 2012

As teachers we have the ability to abuse our role in indulgent ways. Forcing our students to perform the text of Isabella’s garden  in rounds is one such indulgence. If you haven’t partaken, get on it.

For all creatures mines similar territory to Isabella’s garden but is more alliterationy than rhymy. As such it doesn’t have the same flow that the 2010 CBCA Honour Book but it certainly does impress upon the verbivores amoung us.

Millard’s latest book is a celebration of vocabulary. It thrills us with beautiful terms to describe natural and human phenomena. The illustrations employ naive art techniques to add to the old world feel of this book creating an overall vibe that is reverent and pantheistic.

This addition to the shortlist is lyrical and colourful but it lacks the narrative that Isabella’s garden has. It is beautiful and, although I haven’t fallen in love with it, I’m sure people will.


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