The winners of the 2012 Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Award have been announced.

Congratulations to Scot Gardiner, Kate Constable, Nick Bland & Freya Blackwood and Bob Graham! Of course, I need to eat my words as I said that Gardiner’s book wouldn’t win and, in the chaos of moving house, I haven’t even read Crow country yet (they would choose the one chapter book that I didn’t read…).

Thank you to the CBCA and particularly the judges of the award for choosing such an interesting and varied range of books for me to enjoy.

As always, the winner is reading.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Congratulations!

  1. Bill Condon says:

    Hi, Tim
    I’ve enjoyed reading all your reviews. Great to see a reviewer with such a good sense of humour. For my money Scot’s was the best book, and I also think the CBCA got it right with Crow Country.

    Best wishes, Bill.

    • Thanks Bill, glad you enjoyed them (and took them in the spirit in which they were intended)! I really enjoyed The dead I know and am looking forward to reading Crow country this week. Well done on getting the honour book!

      There were a lot of books – including yours – that fell into the ‘can’t put them down’ category but my stand out favourite was The golden day.

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