Hello Hoppers Crossing!

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me to my new home in the library at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College!

This blog is my main line of communication between myself and the world beyond the library walls. It covers a range of topics from eLearning to all things library. You can subscribe (for free, of course) by putting your email address into the field labelled ‘Subscribe’ to the right of this post. This will mean new posts will emailed to you instantly, clogging your inbox and adding to your feelings of guilt and hopelessness (well, that is my experience of blog subscriptions anyway).

Almost, Usborne Guide to Computer (and Video!) Games. Almost.

Meanwhile I’ve been digging in the workroom and discovered the future according to the  Usborne Guide to Computer (and Video!) Games 1982. I can’t believe that this amazing resource has been gathering dust on a bench somewhere in the back room.

The library at HCSC has a great collection of fiction and non-fiction resources (that are largely more current than the above) as well as other resources that can be of benefit when running classes like cameras, drawing tablets, laptops and games. If you need anything in particular or would just like to come and see what we’ve got, stop by.

If you want to test yourself against 80s computer game nostalgia, try to name these historical gaming giants (answers below):

Spot the video creatures

Also, if you would like to know anything about blogging through wordpress, how to create your own blog or how I have created this wizardry whereby I am able to talk to you but not be in the same room, drop me a line, my extension is 248.




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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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