WebLinks Website of the Week (WWotW)

This week’s WebLinks Website of the Week is Birds in Backyards!

This great little site provides information on the type of birds you might be seeing at home, on your way to school or around the school grounds. It also gives you news about birdy stuff, a forum to discuss sightings and some tips on how to conduct a bird survey yourself.

The Bird Finder on Birds in Backyards is a very user-friendly tool for working out the name of the bird you just saw. Using various defining features like body shape, size and colour you can narrow down your sightings easily.

Sites like this have various applications in the classroom ranging from learning about traits and characteristics (science), building a nest box (tech), looking at distribution patterns (maths), expository writing (english) and conservation (everything).

If you’ve found something good on WebLinks, let me know and I’ll share it through the WWotW. To get to WebLinks, go to the hopcross website, select Educational Links in the Library drop-down menu, then click WebLinks.


About timthelibrarian

Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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