WWotW: C.S.I. Canine Sniffer Intelligence

This week’s WebLinks Website of the Week is C.S.I. Canine Sniffer Intelligence!

Fans of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? may feel that software technology has taken a step backwards since the eighties but we don’t really want our students spending hours and hours and hours staring at EGA graphics and listening to 8-bit music, do we? Anyway, this game is much shorter and more focussed on the topic at hand.

The game allows students to get an elementary look at the basics behind forensics. Students are given the information about a crime that has been committed and can use various forensic techniques to narrow down suspects and uncover the culprit behind the crime. It will work on an interactive whiteboard too if you want to get the whole class involved.

Ok, it is pretty daggy but hopefully while you and your students are laughing at it they will be learning a bit about forensics and not realising it…

If you’ve found something good on WebLinks, let me know and I’ll share it through the WWotW. To get to WebLinks, go to the hopcross website, select Educational Links in the Library drop-down menu, then click WebLinks.


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