Installing the ClickView Player

If you don’t have the ClickView Player (icon pictured below) on your desktop then you should. Installing the player allows you to share all of the amazing resources on ClickView with your students. Once you have the player you can search our server for video resources or browse by subject, then you just double-click the video and it will start to play!

ClickView Player Icon

If you find that you haven’t got the player on your desktop, installing it is easy. The installer lives on the common drive at L:\ClickView Player. To get there, open Windows Explorer (Windows Key+E or click the little folder icon on your taskbar) then go to common>ClickView Player then double click the ClickViewPlayerSetup file. This will open a wizard where you do the next, agree, next, finish dance and viola! Almost.

Now you should have the Clickview Player icon on your desktop (now pictured above). Double-click the icon and you will be asked to enter an IP address or something. In that window, type clickviewsvr. Now you are good to go!

If you want anything put onto ClickView – especially anything that has been on commercial television in the last two weeks – let me know. If it was on longer than two weeks ago all is not lost, we can have a look and see if some good person has done the work for us and uploaded it to the Exchange so that we can grab it from there.


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Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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