As everyone is now no doubt aware, we were in thrall to a 52% eclipse this morning at 8:06am. Some of you may have seen me stalking around the grounds with my home-made eclipse viewer (a piece of cardboard with a pinhole in it). JH was out there with some more sophisticated equipment and, piggybacking on his expertise, I was able to catch this photo…

In the middle of JM’s shadow puppets you can clearly see the sun with its upper right-hand side obscured by the moon as it passes away from covering more than half of the sun’s surface just after 8:06am. ‘We’ were able to catch this by projecting an image of the sun through one side of a pair of binoculars onto a piece of paper. Others observed the moment with cameras mounted with special lenses and the lucky ones were able to watch it directly though a welding mask. Wish I had a welding mask.

If you want to know more about the eclipse including when the next one is going to go over Australia (Sydney 22/07/2028) and what will happen when it does (birds will think it’s night-time), check out this page or watch this video that I saw someone showing their class this morning. Relaxing, no?


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