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This post is now outdated. ClickView videos are now available online. For updated information, see this post.

ClickView SchoolBag allows students to transfer videos from our ClickView Server onto a USB stick so that they can watch ClickView content without needing network connection (from home, for example).

To use this function, students will need to install the ClickView Player onto their netbooks and transfer the video from our ClickView Server to a USB stick.

Installing the Player

To install the ClickView Player onto a netbook, follow these steps:

1. Go to:

2. Click the button to download the full version (pictured).

Download ClickView

3. Select Save File in the dialogue box that opens up. This will save the installation file in your downloads.

4. Open your downloads folder (top-right for Firefox, bottom-left for Chrome, popping up at the bottom of the screen for IE or Start Button, search ‘Downloads’ or Windows+E, top-left,…).

5. Double-click the ClickViewPlayerSetup.exe file and click Run in the dialogue box that opens up then do the next, tick, next, finish dance.

6. A window should open in your browser that says ‘Installation Complete!’. Well done!

You will now have a ClickView Player icon on your desktop which looks like this:


Important: The first time you open this you will get a box that will bother you with the ‘Where do you want me to something, something..?’ question. The correct answer to this is: clickviewsvr

Putting videos on netbooks or sticks

To transfer a video from the player onto your netbook:

1. Create a folder called ‘Schoolbag’ on your desktop (Windows key + D to navigate to your desktop > Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder)

2. Open the Player.

3. Browse to the video or search for it by title.

3. Right-click the title in the right-hand pane (pictured).


4. Select ‘Add to School Bag’.

5. Browse to the Schoolbag folder that you have created (My Computer > Desktop > Schoolbag). Once you have set the destination it will begin downloading your video.

To transfer a video from the player onto your USB:

1. Skip Step 1 then follow Steps 2-4 above.

2. Select your USB stick (labelled Drive E: Type (Removable) above), click Ok.

Playing videos from your School Bag

With the ClickView Player open:

1. Ctrl+O to open the school bag. This will open a dialogue box where you can browse to your desktop or select your memory stick.

2. Click the School Bag that has now appeared in your Digital Library (pictured below), select your video and click the big orange ‘Play Video’ button to play.


3. Watch your video, get good grades, succeed, extol ‘the power of school libraries’ in your autobiography.


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