ClickView Online – Sharing and Embedding

ClickView have done away with the School Bag (which is ace because it didn’t work particularly well anyway) and moved online. This means that teachers and students will be able to access ClickView content at school and at home directly from the web or from an app made for their chosen device.

Along with greater accessibility, the move creates more features for teachers to use in finding content and making it available. One such feature is improved sharing.


After logging into ClickView using your T/O and network password, you can access our video library using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen (‘Hoppers Crossing Digital Video Library’). This will take you to the collection that you used to search using the ClickView Player on your desktop. Videos can be both played from here and shared.

The share tab (pictured above) allows you to create clippings from videos so you can show in class just the content that you want them to see. You can also share this link with the students and they can view the content in their own time. Once you have edited the video segment using the sliders, you can share that clip by copying and pasting the text in the Link to this video field.

Sharing a Video

Consider a lesson you are creating on the Pyramids. You would like something to get the kids talking about why the pyramids were built. All you need to do is:

  1. Find a video,
  2. Isolate the clip you want using the sliders or typing in the start and end time; and then,
  3. Copy and paste the link into your presentation, add it to your lesson material on the N: or email it to your kids:

Pretty exciting, huh?

Embedding a Video

You can also embed a whole video into a PowerPoint presentation using the embed code provided at the bottom of the share tab.


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2 Responses to ClickView Online – Sharing and Embedding

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  2. Evan Clark says:

    Yes, we’re very happy to be saying goodbye to the old School Bag and embracing anytime, anywhere, any device cloud-based video delivery. Great blog post!

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