How to: Set up a quiz

Matt Kuhn has been showing a group of us some technology ‘that works’. Among the many applications and pedagogical considerations that he has been covering, he has shown us this quiz builder from Infuse Learning – a dynamite website to set up quizzes to run in the classroom.


What’s so good about it? Infuse Learning allows you to create free quizzes, gives you a range of question types from multiple choice to text response, gives you real-time feedback as to how your students are going while they take the test and allows you to download results as soon as the test is finished.

Question Types


The website allows you to select the type of question from the list above. If you are curious about what the Likert Scale is, there is a handy wikipedia article on just that here.

Real time feedback

As your students take the test you can see who is logged on and monitor their progress (pictured below).




Once you hit the End Quiz/Get Results button, the site will take you to the page pictured above where you can mail yourself a report, download an Excel spreadsheet with the results (pictured below) or delete any record that that running of the test ever occured.



How it’s done

If you would prefer your information to be accompanied by a picture of an owl or you want to see how Prezi works while you learn about this website, you can use this how-to instead of mine below.

1. Create an account. You can do that here.

2. Create your quiz by going to

3. Under the heading, Quiz Management, click on My Quizzes. Click Add New Quiz to start editing.

4. Give your quiz a title (eg. Year 8 Science – Sustainability) and description (eg. Topic test for Year 8 Sustainability Unit).

5. Turn Shuffle Questions on if you want to prevent over-the-shoulder inspiration (cheating) or leave it off if the sequence of the questions is important. Set the Bad Word Filter (I have no idea…). Set the Display Results depending on if you want your quiz to be formative (on) or summative (off).

6. Click Add New Question


7. Write your question, add an image, set the question type and then enter your answer(s). Click Submit.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until your quiz is complete.

9. When you are ready to start, click Run Quiz (the play button circled below).


10. On a computer other than the one on which you are running the test, (eg. their netbooks), get your students to go to:

11. Have them put your room ID into the Room ID field, this is the number at the top left hand corner of the browser when you are logged on as the teacher (pictured below), and their name into the name field (this will come up on your report).


12. Your students should be able to select the quiz that you have created. In the teacher window you will see who is logged on, what question each student is up to and whether he or she is getting the answers right or wrong.

13. Once your students have finished, the students will need to review their answers and click Submit. Once they are done, you can click End Quiz/Get Results.

13. Download the results, write reports, go on holidays.


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