It’s your library

Welcome to the Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Library.

It’s your library. We try to do everything we can to support your pursuits while at school. If you can see a way that we could do something better, tell us.


In the main library we have our fiction and non-fiction collections. These include books that you can use to study, read for pleasure or pursue your interests.

Our fiction is divided into general fiction, humour, romance, horror & supernatural, graphic novel, dystopian and fantasy & Sci-fi. On the spinners we have quick reads and near the entry we have a range of magazines that can be enjoyed in the library.

Non-fiction is organised by topic using Dewey Decimal Classification. Looking for books on robots? 62o-30 is the place to find them. Ballet? 792. To discover where your topic might be, ask the SEARCH computer or one of the friendly library staff.

We also have both fiction and non-fiction on our eBook platform. Check it out. And access to the whole Encyclopeadia Britannica through the library’s tab on the homepage. Yes, the whole thing.

Using the library

You can borrow 3 books at a time. The period for loans is 3 weeks. Overdue books will attract a scowl.

If you lose a book, you will need to pay for it. This money could be spent on sugar or social networking or whatever it is that you kids do with money these days. Think about it, would you rather give us your money and end up with nothing or use it to buy Slushies or iPhandangles or whatnot?

Books need to be returned through the return chute. DO NOT PUT YOUR BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF.

Other resources

The library is home to a photocopier that you can use with your username and password. Instructions on how to use the photocopier to copy or scan are on the wall behind the machine.

The library has four PCs for student use but these are not connected to the printer.

Hanging out

You can come into the library to study, read or use your netbooks before school, recess, lunch and after school. Remember: students use the library to study, read and use their netbooks so don’t do anything that will disturb them.

No eating.


About timthelibrarian

Tim Harwood is a Teacher Librarian and eLearning enthusiast.
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